Monday, September 29, 2008


The more I saw that word, the more I like the way it sounds. That Gwyneth, she might have been onto something.

M and I went apple picking yesterday. It was spontaneous, sparked after seeing it on Huell Howser's show Friday night. (aside: anyone else find Huell a little annoying? I mean, what's the deal with the southern accent? He's not even FROM California. What the hell?)

It's hard to photograph out there in the bright sunshine. This gal's photo is prettier.

We paid 10 bucks to pick half a peck of apples. When we got the bag, it didn't look very big to us. But we soon found that it was hard to fill. Most of the trees seemed pretty picked through.

After about 45 minutes, we wanted to leave, but still had less than half the bag full. I decided to pick through the stuff that lay on the ground. It probably fell because it was ripe, right? These bees seemed to think these apples were fine.

Or maybe there would be some good ones that some small child had thrown just to cause he/she felt like throwing something (I saw plenty of small children throwing apples that day.). And since we were going to make pies or sauce with them, I figured we could cut out the blemishes and still have a lot of fruit to work with. That filled our bag up way faster.

Compared with apple picking trips from his childhood (on the east coast, no less), M thought this one rated poorly. But we still had fun. It was nice to get out of LA and walk amongst the trees. And I scored an orange ceramic creamer (60s style design, I think) because the first place we stopped at had an antiques store. And mini donuts. You can't have a bad day when you start off with some fresh mini donuts.

And then we drove down from the mountain and got some frozen yogurt and then drove home.


jean beaumont said...

Nous aussi, hier, en revenant de Nantes, nous avons voulu cueillir des pommes!
En fait elles étaient plus chères à cueillir que dans nos magasins!

jean beaumont said...

Tu pourras au moins manger des pommes cet hiver avec toutes les catastrophes qui arrivent dans le monde à cause des erreurs de l'administration BUSH!