Monday, September 29, 2008

cutting board

I made one.

My first completed project from my carpentry class. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Mainly because I was cheap (and ambitious - I decided to make my board an end grain board. It's better for the knives, I kept insisting) and used scrap lumber which made my board small. Which isn't a problem for me functionally or aesthetically. But for safety reasons, the shop has a minimum length requirement of what you can run through their machines. So I had to do some of the easy work by hand, that was a bit time consuming. I did get lucky by scoring some beautiful bits of poplar. That's the greenish wood (third from the right at top). Someone must have brought it in specially because they don't sell it at the school shop.

And even though there are parts of it that my perfectionist voice won't let me forget (the colored shapes don't match up squarely. It's not enough of a dischord to make it look like an intentional design decision, but more like a mistake. Which it sort of was.). I love it. It's pretty. It's sitting on my countertop next to my knife block and every time I'm in the kitchen I glance over at it and it gives me a thrill. I made that. It's pretty. And functional. That's important for me too. Can't get by on good looks alone, you know.

And here it is with my 9" vegetable knife and the kitchen chicken for scale.

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