Thursday, December 4, 2008

my exceptional friend Pekoe

I know most folks think their cats are to the left of weird, but I really do think my pal Pekoe is quite exceptional.

For example, he really likes climbing into pants. Usually when you're in the middle of taking them off so they are hanging around your calves. It makes this little cave that he thinks is perfect for exploring. So as you're sitting on your bed with your pants down at your calves, he'll jump in and refuse to get out. So you'll have to gently extricate your feet one at a time because you don't want to disturb kitty (I mean what kind of a monster are you?) and once done, he'll stay put.

And if oblige him with a little rearranging of the legs, he'll scoot around on his belly sort of commando style until he ends up completely encased in the leg. Sort of like being in a sleeping bag.

Of course I find this hilarious.

He was particularly fond of these lycra yoga pants that I was trying to take off the other night. So enamored that when I picked up the sleek little package of him inside the pants, he stayed put long enough to be carried over to the couch. He normally doesn't like to be picked up. But he does love M.

And there the two stayed for the rest of the night.

I'm not sure what this weird look in his eyes are about. Maybe he's watching me to make sure I don't make any moves to take back my pants.

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Stephanie said...

This is just about too adorable for words.