Thursday, December 4, 2008

nerfighter socks

{Edited to add: I must have been so excited about the completion that I completely spelled nerdfighter wrong in the title. I assure you these are nerdfighter socks, not socks for nerfighters, whoever those folks may be.}


For osbJG who is made of awesome.

And argyle because that's the nerdfighters' sock of choice.

Now all I have to do is wash these socks, dry 'em, package 'em and figure out where to send 'em.

If you're interested in the knitting details (and I think most of you aren't), I'll include some notes on my ravelry page. I'm there under cpotion.

DFTBA, y'all.


meteowrite said...

Kudos on

a) finishing the socks

b) being made of awesome


3) displaying said socks on such a fantabulous pile of books.

jean said...

Thanks! I'm glad you noticed which books I stacked them on ;)