Monday, December 22, 2008

when I'm not torturing my cats

I made marshmallows...

I'm pretty sure everyone on my gift list has already received their holiday gifts so I feel okay about revealing them here.

Homemade marshmallows are pretty easy to make (I wrote about it here) and they taste a hundred times better than the store bought kind. I mean seriously, do most people have an opinion about marshmallows? You just sort of take them for granted, right? They are what they are. It's nice to have them in hot chocolate and they kick up a banana boat and sure I love a toasted one for my s'mores. But homemade marshmallows? Holy cow! They are an entirely different matter.

I made several batches over the past few weeks and dipped some in fair trade chocolate. And some in fair trade chocolate with chopped almonds. The almond+chocolate bunch were my favorite, but that didn't mean the others got et any slower.

I think they were well received.
Happy holidays everyone!

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jean beaumont said...

Joyeuses fĂȘtes, amusez vous beaucoup et VIVE 2009!