Tuesday, January 20, 2009

jean beaumont

My french dad, Jean Beaumont a retired engineer keeps up a blog and recently posted a bunch of awesome photos from his childhood in the Loire Valley (and some of his courtship in Nantes). I've asked him to include more info under each photo since there aren't any at present. I've been able to glean some info with some of my favorites here:

Jean Beaumont with (I believe) his older sister Nicole. She is beautiful and has the most amazing eyes.

Nicole (?), cute dog and JeanB. I love their clothes and the way they are standing.

And speaking of cute clothes, aren't these costumes amazing?? I think this is JeanB and his sister Nicole again.

JeanB with two cousins?

Fast forward to the college years. JeanB with Jacqueline his future wife. Too bad this photo is blurry, it's probably my favorite. I love the lines of their clothes, her hair, the movement of the figures on the steps.

I *think* this is before they got married. JeanB and Jacqueline.

I'm sick today and it was a nice treat to look through these photos with inauguration coverage playing in the background. Check out more of my french dad's photos here.


jean beaumont said...

ça m'a fait verser une larme!

jean beaumont said...

nous complèterons la saga !

jean beaumont said...

Nicole ma soeur! mes deux cousins ! etc ...
Comment sais tu ça?