Tuesday, January 6, 2009

now that we're rested...

Wow. That was a pretty vulgar amount of loafing back there at the end of 2008. I'm ready to get back to work and try and get some sort of regularity to my day. I took a bunch of photos of my goings-on, but man they are pretty crappy. Poladroid to the rescue! Now they look edgy and artsy and vintage-y.

During the holidays, I knit (even after I was done with the Christmas gifts). I finished this scarf for M that I started about a year ago (Better photo to come, this one is of the scarf mid-progress). Pekoe is enjoying the fruits of my labor.

A scarf-in-progress for a nap-in-progress.

I cooked a fancy Christmas dinner for the two of us to gorge out on.

My first time cooking a rack of lamb - crown or otherwise. I watched a lot of Food Network shows while I was knitting (M started to complain that he was kinda getting sick of t.v. I knew then that hell had definitely (if briefly) frozen over). Alton Brown made cooking a lamb crown roast look easy. So I gave it a go. It was so tasty. Tender, juicy, mmmm... For sides, I cooked smothered cabbage with sausage (I had a craving) and cornbread stuffing that I made up on the fly. There might have been a salad too. I can't remember. It rained hard that night. It was cozy. Our neighbors across the way were having a party with singing and dancing and occasional shouts of "Opa!" Even though it wasn't our party, that was sort of cozy too.

The weekend after Christmas we had a special guest appearance by our friend Nathan! N was in town for a friend's wedding and he drove up to see us and stay over a night. He came bearing gifts.

Homemade peach and blueberry preserves (!) and a generous bag of cookies that he calls rocks (!!). The recipe for the rocks came with his great grandmother from Germany over a hundred years ago. That rocks (yuk, yuk). They say that the rocks only get better as they age and harden. I am sad to report that I have not been able to confirm this as all the rocks are gone. I had the last two just now with a cup of joe while I was noodling around with my computer. Damn they were good.

Sadly this is probably the best photo of Nathan that I took while he was here. Maybe one more of his face on my flickr. Poladroided. But blurry. I mean artsy.

Naturally he wears cool socks.

New year's eve was quiet as well. I got sick after Nathan left. I've been blaming it on him as I've not been around anyone else except him and M. M just thinks I need to get out more.

New year's day we had a nice breakast with the preserves from N and some baking powder biscuits. I made a batch to go with a southern chicken dinner one night and decided to freeze most of the unbaked biscuits instead of having a a few dozen laying around the house that you feel compelled to eat so they don't go bad and hey, what a waste of fresh homemade biscuits. I am happy to report that they hold up well to a freezing. I just popped them into the oven right out of the freezer at 350 for about 20 minutes and they were wonderful. 'Specially with some homemade fruit preserves to enjoy them with.

I'm really going to try and do a post of some of the sewing I've done lately. It's mostly stuff that I've been experimenting on and I haven't moved forward with the work. Hopefully putting it up here for public consumption will prod me into moving forward. We'll see.

Happy new year, everyone!

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