Tuesday, February 3, 2009

furniture design

I wish I had known about Miami-based furniture designer Facundo Poj back when I was in my furniture making class. He makes beautiful furniture out of recycled materials (bathtubs cut in two to make a Saarinen-esque chair?). His bamboo line is awesome.

I love how he creates 3-dimensional like curves out of slabs of wood that are otherwise 2D. Like in the legs of the table up there.

And his dual purpose designs are great. Case in point magazine rack+stool.

And this wonderful bench+wine rack.

While I'm not sure I would have been able to imitate exactly what Poj has done with my novice skills and artist budget, I was often at a loss of what to make in a class that leaned more towards traditional and/or conventional design ideas. It wasn't until almost at the end of class that I thought of gluing together cheap (compared to hardwoods) plywood using that as the blank stock for my designs. Which Poj is doing beautifully and resourcefully.

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