Tuesday, February 3, 2009

it's what's for dinner

My friend Leslie lamented that she hasn't seen any food photos from me lately. I have no idea what you guys have been eating for dinner! she said. How true, how true.

Last night we had Mongolian beef with steamed broccoli on white rice. I made it once before but forgot to take photos that night.

NB: This was an improvisation on the original recipe. I never cared for the part where they tell you to dust the beef in cornstarch and then fry it up in oil. And I didn't have any ginger on hand and M doesn't like onions and I forgot the sesame seeds for garnish. I did have shitake mushrooms, however. Which is all you can see in that photo up there. Believe me, there was beef and plenty of it.

Eating it for supper last night made me realize that without the deep-frying this dish smacks of Korean Bulgogi. Thin slices of beef, sweet soy sauce based sauce. Just add some sauteed onions and you're good to go.

But the reason for my lack of food photos and general absence from posting is because I've been sick for most of January. It's entirely unreasonable if you ask me, but that's the cold that's been going around and I have no control over the matter. The worst of it seems to have passed but the lingering part is this grand fatigue that I just can't shake. Just going out to lunch yesterday (with Leslie and M) took a lot out of me. On days when I'm sick and can't cook, we tend to order in. M calls it cooking when "dad's" in charge while he leafs through various take out menus in our collection.

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