Thursday, May 14, 2009

declan's quilt

Finished! Just in time for the christening this weekend. My house is a mess and I couldn't find any good props for photo-styling. In the background I am trying to hide a basket of laundry (folded) and the catbox.

Luckily I remembered where we put this book. It's not from my childhood, but from my college years. I can't remember how I first saw it but I remember crying every time I read it. The book still makes me weep. And I just got the red+white striped teacup from the thriftstore today.

Are personalized items totally passé? I find myself embroidering all the baby gifts I make. I like thinking about that baby and their name and their new family as I work on each stitch. Also I never got anything personalized back in the 80s when I was a kid when personalized stuff was cool.

As an adult I remember two things I got with my name on it that I was secretly thrilled over. One was pencils from jenn's mom. She's a school teacher. The other was sparkly stickers from natalie. They made me feel like: yeah, way to go! I did it!! I don't think I ever busted that pack of stickers open. They just stayed pinned to my bulletin board at my home office.

I really enjoyed working around this part of the quilt. I thought this color combo of mustard+cream+light blue was particularly pleasing.

As was this neck of the woods of the quilt with the red+grey+light blue.

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Gado-Gado Gal said...

oooooo! this is so lovely. good job!