Thursday, May 14, 2009

let's talk about the weather

I'm finding that New Englanders -- or anyone who lives in an area of the US that gets to experience regular-ish seasons -- are serious about their weather. It's the number one topic of conversations, the funnest thing to complain about. As a Californian married to a Bostonian, I learned a while back that you have to be careful with the way you mention the weather to the in-laws. They'll call up to chit-chat and the weather always comes up as a topic of conversation.

"How's the weather over there?" They'll ask.
"Beautiful," I'll answer truthfully.
"I hate you," they'll respond.

I'm confused as to why they ever expect a different answer. True, with the current freak out of global climate change some days I would answer "Beatiful. But hot." But come on. I lived in L.A. It was 78 degrees and sunny pretty much every day.

Sometimes the non-Californian that has engaged me in this weather conversation will try to find the dark side to my response. Like yesterday when I was chatting with a receptionist who found out I'd just moved here from California.

"What's the weather like over there?" She asked me.
"Beautiful," I answered truthfully.

And in an effort to muffle the blow perhaps, she returned with, "Yeah, but when it comes round to the weekend and you have plans, it rains."
"No," I said without thinking, "It never really rains in L.A. Especially with the drought conditions we've been having the past few years."

I ducked to avoid the daggers in her eyes.

I hear the locals endured a pretty long and harsh winter so it's no wonder they feel as if their day is ruined by any chance of cold or wet. I haven't yet adopted the local custom of checking the weather forecast twice a day to see what tomorrow's weather will be like and if today's weather is supposed to change (again).

We've been here since the middle of March and we've experienced light snow, rain, gusty winds and balmy sunny days. Perhaps the novelty of our environment is still enchanting us, but we're not much disturbed by any of it.

I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.

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