Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...or something a little different...

So I need to look ladylike this weekend. I'll be at a church. Attending a christening. And seeing as how I'm not normally church-going, I wasn't sure what to wear

(Aside: I told M that I could swing cocktail party attire, but "church-y" was another business altogether).

I think this outfit is church-appropriate. But now I don't know what to do about the shoes and I need some girlfriend-help. Here are my choices:

Strappy red sandals. Too much red?

I love these yellow flats. But too weird? Too funky for the Lord?

I'm kinda digging these brown old-fashiony ones. But maybe a little off with the red+white combo? Red+white is harder to accessories with than I'd imagined.

Cute peep-toes? I'll have to do something about my toenails. And I'm not sure about the black. Maybe too black?

Black pumps? Again, maybe too black? Too evening attire against the more casual skirt+top combo?



meteowrite said...

Wow! I enjoyed that tour through your shoe collection. I feel very out of touch with your footwear.

It's a little hard to tell about the colors of the shoes, so I'm going to assume that you've only presented those colors which sort of "go" with the skirt, i.e. your "red" is the "right red" for the skirt, and not really fuchsia or something. I feel like you wouldn't do that to us.

In which case I vote for the red sandals or the brown. That's based more on the style of the shoe than the color, because I think the peep toes or the pumps might go a shade too dressy for the skirt and top combo (excellent church outfit btw, well done.)

And then trust your gut on the yellow...it's not my thing, personally, but I'm sure if it feels right to you then it's probably hyper-stylish and I'm just not there yet.

jean said...

Thanks! I think I was partial to the red or brown shoes too. I might bring both and decide at the last minute. :)

jean beaumont said...

... que tu es belle ....