Thursday, June 11, 2009

f-you overpriced pieces of cardboard!

My cats seemed to enjoy those cardboard scratching pads that they sell at Trader Joe's. I got two and placed them side by side because they enjoy laying on them and lolling around in the sunshine. Problem is the scratchers got shabby and I don't shop at Trader Joe's anymore (too crowded, rude patrons, unreliability of items being stocked when I want them...sigh). I was surprised to see how much the scratchers go for at other big box stores. Sheesh! So I took an exacto knife to a couple of boxes and with some glue and a straight edge made one of my own.

Not bad.

Never mind how uninterested she looks, she really does seem to enjoy the pad. She scratches it and lounges on it every day.

Blurry photo-bad photographer.

Blurry photo-moving subject.

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