Friday, July 10, 2009

best quiche ever

Also over 4th of July weekend? We walked around Newburyport, MA which is the cutest stinkin' New England town you ever did see. While walking around taking in the sites and cute shops, I got hungry. So we stopped at this promising looking place and ordered up a few quiches.

They were to die for! I ordered some combination of asparagus+mushrooms+truffles+heaven. I can't remember what m's contained but duck confit and dried cherries were mentioned in the description.

The crusts were flakey, the egg custard smooth (so smooth!) and the ingredients well balanced in proportion.

We also shared a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant, basically- but oh so not basic when done right!) which I forgot to photograph. I have to be honest. It was quite good, but it didn't take me back to Paris. (The closest I've ever gotten was the croissant and pastries at Amandine in L.A.) But Pralines' pain au chocolat definitely ranks in my top ten of croissants I have eaten and enjoyed outside of France. If we lived closer, I'd make Pralines+Pepper a regular stop.

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