Friday, July 10, 2009

from spain

I got a bunch of fun mail in the past week or so but haven't had a chance to show it off. Back in January, I'd sewn a shirt that I wasn't too thrilled with. Enter Sylvia, one of the three crafty ladies behind mola coser who saw my shirt, complimented me on the work and offered to take it off my hands.

In return she sent me a little hand-made love from Spain.

I love how she cleverly used some of the fabric of the shirt to make up the bottom half of this little purse (she is much taller than me and said that the sleeves were too short. So smart girl that she is, she shortened the sleeves and used up the scraps for purses.).

And as if a handmade gift from Spain wasn't enough, she filled the purse with fabric swatches and a pretty postcard. I'll have to come up with something fun to do with the pretty fabric. Maybe a granny's garden sampler? I've always wanted to do one of those. But most of my crafting projects have come to a halt since I am way behind on some deadline knitting whose deadlines I have long missed.

Anyways, Thanks again Sylvia for the lovely trade! This adorable purse will go to good use!


sfer said...

I'm glad you liked it... Plus it's funny, because just yesterday I bought some fabric to make myself a tote with a granny's garden design on the front!! I saw it somewhere in blogland, and I thought it was really cute and would make myself one. I probably won't have it finished before next year, but oh well... Too many crafty projects and just too little time!!

I still owe you a picture of me wearing the shirt. I'll let you know when it's up :-)

jean said...

What a coincidence about the granny's garden!

Yes, please! Let me know when you've posted a photo of the shirt.