Friday, July 10, 2009

teenaged bunny

Our apartment/condo is on a big property with lots of green lawn and trees. The landscapers do a really nice job of keeping it looking pretty. There are borders of flowers that have bloomed and died to be replaced with other seasonal blooms.

And right along this border (which is sandwiched by the walkway on our property and a busy street) I've discovered the cutest neighbor I've ever lived next to.

You can't tell his size from this photo, but he's quite small. Not small enough to be a baby bunny but too small to be full sized. At least I don't think he's a dwarf bunny.

Every day when I come home from work I see him hanging out in the strip of lawn next to a border of ground cover. That's where I think he lives. Anyways he hangs out on the lawn, having a little snack and watching passerby's warily. Most folks don't even seem to notice the little guy. But I wonder about him. Why he's alone and without his mum or brethren bunnies is a mystery. I don't think of young bunnies as being the types of animals who hang out by themselves. But then again, I have limited knowledge on the habits of wild rabbits.

This admittedly is just filler content until I can get more crafting and cooking going on chez c+potion. Things have kind of slowed down since wee+potion came on the scene. But I'm supposed to be less tired these days so maybe I'll be more productive with my crafting too. Here's hopin'.

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