Thursday, August 13, 2009

today it's all about letterpress

Or: Yes, Studio on Fire. I am stalking you.

Mmm... hand lettering (even if it really isn't).

More here.

I'm also a sucker for red+white stripes. It looks great paired with the graphic black+white work, doesn't it?

More here.

Lovely design, beautiful letterpress:

More here.

Isn't this a great marriage of crafts+printing? (yuk, yuk, get it? marriage?? okay. sorry.)

More here.

Love the old-timey-ness of this design.

Anything that looks like an old office form or an apothecary bottle all authentic and dignified gets to me.

More here.

How can you not love this business card? The colors, the layout, the letterpress!!

And the full suite below:

Yum! More here.

Secret Agent Business Cards so clever!

This is just pretty.

More here.

(from Beast Pieces by Studio on Fire)

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