Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This was last Thursday night's dinner. I had some lambchops in the freezer that I kept forgetting about. And a small basket of figs that I'd left out to get really soft and ripe.

Incidentally I love figs. I think these are black calmyra figs and they are just the best! I love them fresh to pop in my mouth (only after I rip them in half to check for wasps. I read that once somewhere and now I can't just pop a whole fig in my mouth. Can you imagine? Eww!), I love them stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto and then grilled (or broiled in the oven) to a carmelly juicy perfection. And last Thursday, I learned that I love them sauteed in lamb drippings with a bit of onion, brown sugar, vermouth to deglaze and salt and pepper. There might have been a bit of oregano crumbled in. I didn't have any rosemary. Boy was that a good meal!

The chops were just pan-seared and then cooked to well done in the oven. I served them with steamed kale and a poor excuse for rice pilaf that still ended up tasting good. I like to add toasted almond slivers to my rice pilaf. Adds that extra crunch that I find so satisfying.

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