Thursday, October 8, 2009

random and no photos

--I decided to give the no-shampoo thing a try. The last time I shampoo'd my hair was last Monday. I did a baking soda/vinegar thing over the weekend. So far so good. I wondered how my long thick asian hair would fare with this but like I said: so far so good. I asked M to smell my head the other day just in case I did smell bad and didn't know it. He said my hair/head smelled fine. Then again he's gone shampoo-free too. He said he wanted to support my cause. I think he wants to shave another minute out of his shower time :)

If you're interested in trying out a shampoo free life, I got my inspiration from Amy and her resources (the shampoo-free link is towards the bottom of the post). Also the folks who shout out in the comments offer some interesting advice too.

--I'm so in the mood to bake these days! I think the apparent fall weather has something to do with it. The smell of the oven going with that crisp autumn air is just super. I made this banana bread into muffins a few weeks ago (following the suggestions of reviewers with the 1/4 cup brown sugar+1/2 cup white sugar combo). They were killer! Sorry, no photos. I brought half of them to work and ate most of the other half myself (M's not much into bananas. He showed quite the restraint even though I kept mmm-ing and such over how awesome these muffins were). And I learned the hard way that bananas do not agree with my pregnant lady state. (I'd always heard that they bind...)

--I've gained way too much weight in this past four weeks. Overall I'm where I need to be with my pregnancy and weight gain. But I can't keep gaining at the pace I've been doing lately. I blame the desserts. My first trimester I barely gained any weight and there was a little concern. So I figured I owed it to leftie to fatten up a bit. Usually I'm careful about how much sweets (and how frequently) I consume. Whoops. I guess I went a little too wild with those desserts. So even though I totally want to bake this amazing sounding carrot cake (into cupcakes of course) which I have been craving for like a week, I'm going to have to resist the urge. When I made those banana bread muffins? There was one day when I ate 4. Poor digestion is the only thing that kept from repeating that experience.

--I finished two pairs of socks this week. A third pair forthcoming too. Yeah! One was started back in February or something and the other back in June. One for me and the June ones were deadline socks (long missed) for a special someone. Deets and photos to come.

--I'm also really in the mood to sew inspired by this gal. I recently finished stalking her via her blog. Her clothes are so cute and then I got absorbed into her thoughts about motherhood/parenting/being pregnant/etc. Plus she lives in New Zealand which feels so glamourous.

--I finally got my library card and have been putting it to good use. My local branch does not have a great crafts/sewing selection. Too bad. But they have a decent DVD selection and so I've been picking up dvd's that I mean to watch but haven't gotten around to. Ones that M will never watch because they are too girly. Or ones he's already watched and I wasn't in the mood to see it that night and then I regretted it when he sent them back to netflix. It's a good way to pass the time while dinner's cooking and I'm waiting for him to get home from work so we can eat.

Confession: I still haven't watched Dirty Dancing and after Patrick Swayze passed I was reminded to check it out. Me and probably 30 other people who borrow from my library. I still haven't found it at my local library.

--M's office is having a fancy holiday party the first week of December. I told him I didn't want to go but he said we should postpone this discussion to another time when I was less grumpy. True, I was a bit grumpy at the time. But I'm not grumpy now and I still don't want to go. I think I am going to lose this one. He forwarded the invitation to me via email and it said that it's formal wear. Eep! What sort of formal wear am I going to find for this pregnant booty?

--I really hate shopping for clothes these days. I can't afford any of the stuff I'd like to buy. And the stuff that I can afford is made so cheaply and usually looks like crap on the body that I hate spending any money on it. The solution of course is to sew my own clothes. Or win the lottery. I'm currently looking for maternity formal wear patterns for a dress for that party.

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