Monday, October 19, 2009

more random and more of no photos

Wow. I have been really behind on blogging. How lame of me.

-- M and I went apple picking on Friday. We both took the day off to drive up to NH to see his parents. We decided to take a detour and pick apples. It had rained earlier and it was still gray and wet but it was awesome. Like we had the whole orchard to ourselves. Us and the people who work there that is. We picked something like 20 lbs of apples. I am in love with the Idareds (I think it's spelled all one word but I called them Ida Reds). Though let's face it. All fresh picked apples taste awesome. Except Red Delicious. Still couldn't get into that one. The farm we went to was great. I'm not sure if we'll be able to be back since I'm hoping we move away from this area next year. But I'd recommend it to anyone who is in this area. Very reasonable prices and a wonderful selection. And organic practices in their farming. Yay!

-- M and I took his mum to see Young@Heart in concert on Sunday. It was a belated birthday present to her. The show was so kick-ass. See the documentary if you haven't yet. Try and catch them in concert if you can. I do believe that their cover of Bob Dylan's Forever Young is probably my favorite of their numbers.

-- It snowed in Worcester, Mass which is where the concert took place. SNOW! I kept my cool over my excitement. The locals get a little grumpy when Californians get all excited about snow. My in-laws are no exception.

Reasons for why people get mad at my excitement over snow:
It's freaking October 18th! When does it ever snow in the middle of October? (more or less a direct quote from M's mum).

They have had some pretty nasty and/or long winters the last few winters and so they're all sort of sick of winter. Snow=winter.

Snow also = shoveling. And scraping. Angelenos and other warm climate friends: This means shoveling your car out of the snow bank so that you can get into it. And scraping the windshields and sometimes windows so you can see through them. Apparently this is not fun or exciting or magical. It's work. And sometimes you have to do it 2 or 3 times a day (before you head off to work in the morning, sometimes after work when you get back in your car to drive home, and sometimes anytime in between when you need to get to your car -- hmmm... seems to me that if you didn't have a car, this wouldn't be such an issue. Another point for public transportation, my friends.) Multiply this by 5 months and you can see why there are so many haters when the first snow hits.
-- I'm starting to freak out about the holidays already. I think I am behind on my handmade gifts. This is because I haven't started making any of them yet. And my sister-in-law has already begun her holiday shopping. Eep!

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