Wednesday, November 4, 2009

indulge me

Yesterday was my 30 week doctor's appointment. My doctor likes to do an ultrasound at this point in the pregnancy so we got to see leftie up on the big screen again. I love that.

She's gotten to be such a big girl! Although, weighing in at the 53rd percentile at 3.9lbs seems awfully small. But she took up so much more of the screen than she had in previous ultrasounds.

Here's a profile shot of her.

The first thing I thought (after the ultrasound tech helped identify which angle we were seeing her at) was that she has my grandmother's chin.

Here's her chin:

And her mouth:

And her nose:

Do you see that? It's her left profile. Got that?

Now I understand that you probably have never seen my grandmother, and maybe this isn't the most accurate photo of leftie since it's just an ultrasound, so maybe I'll change my mind about it when she's on the outside, but from my viewpoint, that's my grandma's chin. You'll just have to take my word for it.

And here's another ultrasound photo of her face. Her chin's to the left and her forehead's to the right.

Here, if you rotate the photo around counterclockwise you can see it better.

Look at that! I have to admit I struggle between thinking that this is the coolest thing ever and that it's a little creepy. Is that wrong? Look at those round cheeks and that little nose! Wowsers.

I keep meaning to do another photo of my growing belly. A progress shot if you will. Now that I've got my camera worked out (just needed to buy New rechargeable batteries), I'll try to get that done. If the weather is cooperative and sunny that is.

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