Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today I am sad

I really want to take this sewing class offered in Brooklyn. Back when I lived in LA and she lived in Kansas I didn't ever think I'd have a chance to meet her or take a class from her. Now I am in Stamford and she's in NY. Dudes! How awesome would it be to take a class to learn sewing techniques from Jenny Gordy??

This morning as I was getting ready for work I said to m: I want to take a sewing class in Brooklyn and I have a feeling that I am feeling unreasonable about this. Talk me through the pros and cons.

And of course, wouldn't you know it, the cons outweighed the pros.

Anytime I say that I'm not thrilled with living in Stamford, CT because there is nothing to do, it's so suburban, it's out in the middle of no where, etc. People always say: yeah, but you've got NYC so close by!

F-you random unhelpful suggesters.

It's just close enough to present a glimmer of hope but far enough away that it makes getting to and from it a little unreasonable.

I could get a ride from my co-worker who lives in Queens each Thursday that the class is offered. That would be easy. He leaves here at 3:30 and says it takes him about 45 minutes to get home. I would carpool with him. Take the bus from Queens to Brooklyn, find a cafe to get a snack/early dinner and then head over to the class.

It's only an hour and half long class. It's only 4 Thursdays. I'd be done by 7:30. But then I'd have to take buses and trains to get back to Stamford and according to google maps that would take about 2 hours. Yikes. That's unreasonable, right? Like a little obsessive/crazy? Right?

See? That's why I'm sad. So close, yet so far...


natalie said...

I am inclined to recommend the occasional wallop of a too long commute over the dull and lingering ache of not being where you think you ought to be. Take the class. Bring some knitting for the commute.

jean said...

natalie: I needed so little nudging that after I read your comment I emailed Lena Corwin asking if there were any more open spaces in the class. Sadly it's all booked up. I should have acted sooner. The class was filled up by noon of that day(!) Next time, I tell you, next time!