Friday, November 6, 2009


The och looks positively terrified. But I assure you that this is her normal facial expression.

me, leftie + the och

Every time I take a progress shot of my tummy I think "sheesh I am HUGE." I looked back at my previous progress shots and thought "look how much smaller I was back then..."

me+leftie at 30 weeks

It's all perspective you know.


jean beaumont said...

My God !
PS: Don't eat so much!

meteowrite said...

So I have to admit, I was never wild about people wanting to see pictures of me when I was pregnant. I mean, under what other circumstances is it considered okay to ask for visual proof of how much weight a person has gained?

But when it's you, I totally understand. Its so neat to see how much Leftie is growing!!! You and Och look great too.

jean said...

I'm still iffy about it. Most of the time I don't care for posting photos of myself on my blog, flickr, whatever. But then I do (the pregnancy ones at least) and I find I don't mind so much a week later.

Also, I keep wanting to recreate that awesome moment in The Family Stone where the Sarah Jessica Parker character gives the family her xmas gift and everyone gasps and I as an audience member do too because that black and white photo of Diane Keaton young, beautiful and pregnant is such a great photo. Yeah, I'm sort of hoping I capture something that spontaneous in my self-portraits. Snicker. It's a lovely photo of DK. I should aspire for half her loveliness.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing Jean!! I love the photos. Here's to you and Leftie!