Friday, November 13, 2009


(Trying something new: blogging via flickr. Let's see how this goes... I can't figure out how to make the photo bigger so I gave up. Grrrr...)

Did I mention that I knit a pair of gloves?

I started these last Friday while waiting for dinner to be done. A pleasant way to spend a quiet Friday night on the couch with m, watching reruns of The Office (the American version), a kitty or two tucked in between us.

I was done with one glove by the time we went to bed. How awesome is that?? I love you worsted weight yarn.

For now they are functional and pretty in a plain-jane sort of way. I have some thoughts to embroider the backs with a yellow snowflake inspired by something I saw in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.

The best thing about knitting your own gloves is that you can get them to fit just so. Seems I have kinda big hands and long fingers. Most gloves do okay on the hand-fit but the fingers are always pathetic. Kind of like when you wear tights and the crotch hangs down between your thighs? The finger-crotches of my gloves always hung out lower than they ought to have. But with handknit gloves, no more!

I'll leave you with that thought.

(Ravelry deets here.)


Natalie said...

Is finger crotch interchangeable with fingerpit?

I knit up my first pair of gloves last year, worsted weight on size 3 needles YES! I'm never going back to army surplus wool gloves for biking. That's a promise.

jean said...

Fingerpits sounds better than finger-crotch.

Isn't worsted weight the best? Although... I am considering mittens on the latvian/norwegian/colorwork level for my next hand wardrobe addition.