Thursday, December 3, 2009

the cosiest

I think I am safe in revealing this on my blog because none of the concerned parties will see this. I wanted to share the Christmas gift I made for my mum-in-law. When m and I were visiting this summer, we were having dessert after dinner one night and she pulled out her big metal teapot that she got from Ireland (M has a smaller version of it. When we were dating I discovered it in his cupboards one day because I wanted a pot of tea and I'd never seen the guy drink so much as a teacup of tea. And I thought to myself: man, if we ever split up I am so going to make off with this teapot. I know, I'm shameless.).

She pulled a tea cosy over her teapot and someone asked about it and she lamented how she could never find any cute tea cosies. (Auntie) Bonnie has tons of cute tea cosies, but my mum-in-law could never find any. So of course that got me thinking.

A quick search on ravelry revealed a plethora of tea cosy patterns. So I made this striped one:

And this silly one with tu-tu ruffles:

They're sort of ill-fitting on the teapots here. I made sure to measure my mum-in-law's teapots and hers are much taller than the ones at my office. But the lighting at my office is so much better for photography than what I get at home so I had to make do with what I had.

And while I was working on the green tea cosy of course I had to have a little try-on with the kitties. Doesn't the Och look lovely? Really goes with her eyes, right?

I can't imagine any practical purpose for a kitty to wear a capelet (heh heh) but for my amusement. I can't wait to get a shot of Pekoe wearing the cosy. HAHAHAHA!!!


meteowrite said...

If it weren't for the little guy in the next post down, I'd have to rate Och the cutest thing on your blog. Really, Och is very cute. There was just some tough competition. Way to make a green frilly teapot cozy look somehow manly.

jean said...

There has been a whole lot of cute going on at this ole blog. No doubt.

The Och is a girl. I think that's what you were referring to about the frilly teacozy being manly? But just you wait, I am trying to get a photoshoot in with Pekoe (the boy cat) sporting the teacozy next. I don't think it will make the cozy look manly. I do enjoy making my boy kitty cross-dress though. Is that really cross dressing? I feel like the cats are sort of omni-gendered or something.