Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random stuff I am into lately:

Peppermint. Mostly I want to smell it all the time. So refreshing! I bought what I thought was a peppermint shampoo earlier this year but it ended up smelling more like dandruff shampoo than peppermint. Disappointment! When my friend nathan came to visit back in April he'd leave the shower all peppermint-y smelling. I asked him what he was using and he said it was Dr. Bronner's. I tried that once but I don't like the way it leaves my hair+skin feeling. Maybe I'll just use it as a cleaning agent for my bathroom/kitchen.

Weddings. Well yes of course I still dream of re-doing my wedding. And one of the funnest parts is dreaming up what my dress would be. This designer is really quite heavenly. Usually I don't find such well designed wedding apparel on etsy, but wow! Check out her  sold items (on the left column) for some more of her designs.

Cottage chic. I don't want to decorate my home with beach cottage-y things, but I'm sort of longing to be surrounded by this look. Maybe what I need to do is buy a beach cottage. Somewhere in northern California. Hah! I dream of white painted wood slat interiors, wicker furniture, sea glass and shells scattered artfully around the home. Wide windows with views of the water. The smell of salt in the air. Ah....

Sewing my own clothes. This is an obsession that never leaves me. If only I had the time... I've been busy with a few other things you see.

This is from about 10 weeks ago. We've been calling him "junior." And yes, it's a boy.

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