Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little catching up.

Above are the elbow-length mittens I finished some time ago (back in April?) when elbow-length mittens were still (sometimes) a necessity. Leftie always managed to pull off her other mittens and so I figured that if these were long, she might be able to pull them loose but not successfully pull them off.

A friend of mine suggested extending these mittens to include an attachment to a hat. But thankfully leftie's always been good about keeping her hat on.

Knitting details on ravelry. Just realizing that I never posted about the original mittens. Those details (and photos) are here.

More catching up:

Wool pants for those cold New England nights. I've been calling 'em "yarn pants." Leftie was snuggled up in these well through April - we have some heating issues in our home. I was so pleased to be able to use up scraps to make these. The yarn held up better than these photos show. After a wash in the delicate cycle all that pilling disappeared. Next winter I'll plan ahead and knit up a few pair for her and her brother. Details here.

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