Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love that we live in one of the densest cities in the US but have easy and close access to so much green space including lots of farms! We went to Chip In Farm some weekends ago, maybe the 4th of July weekend? It was nice and quiet (no crowds). There's a small petting zoo where you can feed the animals scraps for free.

The general store (first photo) is very charming and old-timey. We picked up a dozen of their eggs which seemed to be the more popular item in the store as the handful of other patrons came in solely for the purpose of buying their eggs.

There were a few chickens running loose out on the grounds. One in particular (3rd and 4th photos) who seemed to know the drill even if we didn't. I eventually ran back into the store to pick up some scraps for an offering.

And that baby cow was just about the cutest thing ever.

I'm thinking of making this farm a part of a regular weekly activity for leftie. For her first trip to a petting zoo she was a little nervous - there was a rather demanding goat that made us all jump. But she did enjoy watching me feed the bunnies. No photos of that since I'm the family photographer and m was in charge of baby-wrangling.

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