Monday, September 12, 2011

The city girl contemplates the fruit.

m and leftie

leftie prefers gathering rocks over apples

We went apple picking over Labor Day weekend. It was warm and muggy and the mosquitos had a field day with my bare arms and legs. But I'm glad we went. The orchard we went to also had raspberries ripe for the picking. That's where the mosquitos got me. Our raspberry experience wasn't so great. The trade-off for organic/pesticide free food is that sometimes you have to share it with critters. In the case with the raspberries, I decided to let the grubs have my share (shudder. grubs.).

The apples are another story. We picked half a bushel and bought another bushel of "drops" at half price.  I have ambitious plans to make tarts and pies and the like. And eats lots and lots of orchard apples with peanut butter and a glass of milk (or herbal tea) which is my favorite way to eat apples.

If you're in the Boston area, I'd recommend Old Frog Pond which is the orchard we went to. It's a modest establishment but the only organic orchard close to us so we're thankful that they keep it running. I've noticed that apple picking has become a popular fall activity for families with small children. And I'd like to take leftie and jr to one where they feature hay rides and corn mazes and cider donuts (the donuts are for me, not necessarily the kids :) but as far as apple eating is concerned, it's strictly organic or nothing at all. We'll be back to Old Frog Pond later in the season to pick more apples to keep us going through winter.

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