Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nahant Beach is lovely. It's clean, the waves are gentle, the parking fee is modest and we've enjoyed ourselves both times that we've been. An added bonus is that it's a little closer than the other beaches we go to.

Our first trip there I kept seeing what I thought were plastic discs in the water and sand. I tsk-tsk'ed a few times thinking about how sad it was that such a pretty beach could draw such irresponsible polluting visitors. I wasn't wearing my glasses. Upon further investigation it turned out that the grey disks were tiny sand dollars. How thrilling! For me, finding a sand dollar on the beach feels like finding a twenty dollar bill on the road. Of course I got all grabby and scooped up as many as my pregnant belly would let me bend over to scoop. Sadly these sand dollars were super fragile and I ended up breaking as many as I collected. I'm guessing that they are grey because the sand is grey?

We went back last weekend and I don't remember seeing any sand dollars this time. How mysterious...

Nahant is basically an island, by the way. Connected by a long bridge. Does that still constitute as being an island? Here's what google maps shows:

After the beach we circled back down to the Porthole Restaurant in Lynn, Ma (just at the Lynn and Nahant border). Going to the Porthole makes me feel like I've gone back in time to a restaurant with my parents. The menu, the decor, the bar, it all reminds me of seafood restaurants I went to as a kid with my parents. The food was surprisingly very good. (Is that snooty? I had low expectations. I was tired.) And very affordable considering that it's a seafood place. We were so impressed that we went back after our second Nahant Beach trip. It's basically a package deal now so if we go to Nahant Beach, it's pretty much expected that we'll have dinner at the Porthole.

It's been cooler lately. So much for September beach weather. So we'll probably have to save our next Nahant Beach trip for next summer. See you there or after at the Porthole.

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