Monday, October 17, 2011

I finished a new pair of mittens for leftie the other day. And I've also been digging around the bags of her old clothes (from when she was born right up until recently) searching out the gender neutral infant pieces in preparation for jr.'s arrival.

I found these pink little bits of mitten-y things. They were the first things I ever knit for leftie. I was a bit wound up and weird in the way that pregnant women get just before giving birth. I'm pretty sure I cast on for these the night before I was to be induced. I remember laying in the bed in the labor and delivery room working on these thinking how they would be done in no time (I was wrong). I didn't much feel like knitting once the major contractions started. And I didn't much feel like knitting after leftie was born. But somehow I managed to finish them before we left the hospital. I remember washing them in the recovery room sink and laying them out near the window to dry and pulling them onto her tiny little hands before we left our room. I have pictures of leftie slurping on these from last spring while in her stroller walking around Cambridge and Somerville. The one on the left shrunk a little because m put them in the wash with the rest of her laundry. I was annoyed at the time but looking at them now, they look okay.

These I knit for leftie to wear last fall/winter. The strings attaching them together helped from losing them, but weren't much success in keeping them on. They sure were cute though.

I just remembered the long stripey pair that I knit as the solution to this problem. (I can't pull them out for this photoshoot because they are in leftie's room and I'm trying to get her to nap.) She never got much wear out of them but they sure were cute.

One day, I'll have a whole parade of hand knit mittens on show for each kid. And they sure will be cute.

NB: leftie's reaction to the Hello Kitty mittens are to greet them every time with an enthusiastic "HI KITTY!"


Lucy said...

What gorgeous mittens! I so wish I could knit but I am far too impatient, favouring the speed of a sewing machine :)

jean said...

Thank you! I find I'm the opposite: knitting feels like it's faster and I'm often more impatient when sewing on my machine :)