Sunday, October 30, 2011

M cooked dinner tonight. It was oh so good. He got the recipe (Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder) from America's Test Kitchen after he found out that this cut of pork was on mega-sale at our local market. The roast gets a dry rub of salt, pepper and brown sugar (I think that's it) and sits in the fridge overnight. It's so crazy easy and crazy delicious! The brown sugar is subtle and lends such an awesome glaze to the outer edges/skin. I took a bite and thought: pork cracklin's!

The original recipe called for a peach sauce to go with it, but we went without and I have to say I did not miss it. I do wish we had thought to defrost and bake some of the baking soda biscuits that I have in the freezer. But I guess neither of us really need the carbs and butter, so going a night without was probably not such a terrible thing.

Even our esteemed food critic leftie requested that we keep the meat coming. That's an indicator of how good this roast was!

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