Saturday, November 5, 2011

While waiting for a baby to be born (mine), it appears that I need to start new craft projects*. Leftie is always asking to use my oven mitts when she cooks in her kitchen. So I thought it was high time she got a pair of her own.

I'm sort of feeling badly for her that her mommy is a bit out of commission and can't really play or take her to the park. These are sort of guilt-mitts, I guess. I wanted them to be quick and dirty. They fulfill the latter but not the first (I was hoping to avoid using my seam ripper). The sewing is really quite awful. I figured a 20 month old wasn't going to be discerning. And even embarrassingly sewn oven mitts are pretty freaking adorable when they are as diminutive as these.

Leftie couldn't have been more pleased. I slept in this morning, but m reported that she made a bee-line for them when she woke up. Also she's been toting them around in her little bag along with her other precious cargo (sunglasses, necklace, a plastic bag stuffed with diaper covers - don't ask, I have no idea). Always a sign of approval.

*I'm finishing off a pair of secret mittens and have a few zipper pouches that I'd like to crank out for leftie before I'm off to deliver the new baby. Also last night, while waiting to see if the contractions I was experiencing were the real or practice ones, I thought it might be a good idea to start yet another set of secret mittens and mentally planned out how they would be knit up. It's a sickness, I tell you.

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