Monday, November 21, 2011

 M's been doing a lot of cooking lately. Yes, I am a lucky girl!

Last week he made this pot roast (pictured above) - to make, it was so simple and basic but it tasted as though it required some fancy skills and ingredients. He got the recipe here. The only change he made was to use beer instead of red wine. Divine, I tell you!

I plated it on a bed of polenta and threw a sprig of thyme over it to make it all fancy like the restaurants do. He insisted that I photograph it. Which means he wanted me to blog it.

In other news: jr. is here! Labor was quick (2 hours of contractions and 15 minutes of pushing) though of course it felt like it took much longer to me. The doctor and nurse were duly impressed. Of course they should be. A very handsome fellow entered this world in all his 10lb and 6.8oz of glory. Anyone would have been impressed at the sight of him. We are all doing great.

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