Thursday, February 2, 2012

(Jenn's favorite salad.)

Well hello there! Hope you had a nice holiday and happy 2012 and year of the dragon to you! Thanks for stopping by.

It's been a little busy chez c+potion. My poor little blog has been completely neglected. But I keep thinking about it meaning to update. Right now I'm literally trapped under a 16lb baby - he just doesn't seem to nap very well unless I hold him - trying to type without waking him. So updates have been a touch difficult to keep up with. I'm still cooking (there were a few awesome meals I mean to share here that I never got around to), not knitting as much sadly, mostly just enjoying the day to day of motherhood to two - which while fascinating for me doesn't make for good blogging material.

I did get around to spiffing up the blog banner since that last one was so old. And I'm on pinterest more regularly than I am here. I think I might have mentioned that before, but I'll put it out there again. So check me out over there.

And here's a recipe for jenn's favorite salad. Incidentally: I really feel like I've posted this already but my blogger account tells me that's not so. If I'm mistaken and I have indeed posted about this salad previously, my apologies.

I think the salad was introduced to us by our dear friend Nathan. And we were so in love with it that we made it all the time and then jenn had the caterers make it for her wedding. So I think of it as jenn's salad. She loves that it's easy and tasty and you can substitute the cheeses, add dressing or not (I might be mis-quoting you there, jenn). It's the wonder-salad of salads!

Jenn's Favorite Salad
romaine lettuce washed dried and torn into salad size pieces
toasted walnut pieces
dried cranberries
blood oranges peeled and sectioned and pieced into large-ish chunks
goat cheese (I think you can go with feta instead)
balsamic vinaigrette dressing (or the dressing of your choice)

Arrange all the ingredients on a plate and serve. You can add as much or as little of each ingredients to suit your tastes. Enjoy!

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