Tuesday, July 8, 2008

catching up

My goodness! Am I really behind two weeks? Well let's get this catching up started.

Two weekends ago, M and I were catching up with jenn and her friend Heidi who were in town for a work conference. We met them in Seal Beach lured by promises of a brunch place that makes french toast out of cinnamon rolls. We were not disappointed:

Heidi and jenn did it right by ordering their cinnamon roll french toast with a helping of fresh fruit . Mine just came with a scoop of butter. Oh yeah. I need butter on top of this batter laden baked bread - sprinkled with powdered sugar no less. With a helping of syrup too.

M opted for a mysterious dish called a "Pancake Sandwich" (the quotes are so legit here because it was an alleged "pancake sandwich" which we soon found to be an inaccurate description). Also with a scoop of butter, I'm now noticing.

It seems that he got over his disappointment of the "sandwich" that wasn't.

After brunch we parted ways with Heidi and kidnapped jenn for a long walk (nearly 7 miles from my reckoning and the help of google maps) to downtown Long Beach. There were all sorts of goings on along the beach. A gathering of pirates big and small, kite flyers and locals enjoying a day at the beach. I enjoyed their mod lifeguard huts.

In downtown I also enjoyed this chips and salsa joint with striped bricks. I've been enjoying red and white stripes lately.

When we walked back towards our car (another 7 miles or so in the opposite direction) we settled down at a nearby coffeeshop for more serious matters. The Adventure Bunny was scheduled for a quick out-patient procedure on his foot. Bernard the Canard looked on providing moral support.

I couldn't photograph the procedure as my hands were full, but I'm sure jenn will have some pics over on her blog. I did however capture the patient and his wrangler reunited after the procedure.

AB enjoying his rest and his still unwrapped sugar free carrot-pop.

The procedure has been proclaimed a success. As was our visit with our dear friend jenn. Come back and visit again soon, jenn! Bring NIL with you!! Let's hang out at that Lord of the Rings screening marathon in Pasadena (scroll all the way the bottom)!

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