Thursday, July 13, 2006

miss me?

What can I say? I have been busy catching up.

I expect that my loyal fans (salut jean beaumont!) are wondering about my jaunts to the east coast, the stories, the photos… and to them I must apologize.

Yes I had a lovely time. Fabulous. Lots of things happened. Photos were taken. And then downloaded onto the laptop for safekeeping and to open up some filespace on my digital camera. And then the laptop was very carefully put on the kitchen counter at my in-laws’ home to recharge for the big trip back to Los Angeles. And then m, my mother-in-law and I quietly drove off to Boston Logan International Airport. Without the laptop. Meathead is mailing it to us this week.

So. Photos are up and coming. I have been catching up at work - believe it or not, I have actually had work to do. And there is a delicious knitting blog that I cannot tear myself away from. I think that this one tops them all. She write a lot. She is very, very funny. And I am still reading through the end of 2004 archives. I began this about a month ago. Maybe longer.

And I am working on a variety of things. Projects. Sewing, knitting, designing. Some of them will have photos posted, others aren’t so lucky. Yet.

And of the course the never ending parade of housework that always feel like I need to get done. So. A lot of catching up to do. When I get to a good spot, I’ll check in again and say hi.

What are you guys up to?

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