Saturday, June 16, 2007

ocha in the basket

Nothing charms me more than to see lil' Och in the basket. She loooooooooves the basket.

It's her sanctum.

The basket was originally intended to corral all my random stuff that I don't have time during the week to sort through or put away, and it must be mighty uncomfy to sit on. But that didn't stop the Och.

Watch how she wills m to reach out and pet her. In the basket.

Her leaning precariously to one side doesn't mean that she's resisting the petting. Rather, she is leaning away to entice m to lean in even closer.

See how that works?

The powers are strong in this one.

After a few months of this, I gave up trying to use the basket for myself. She's nearly always parked there so I forget what I've stowed away inside in what was meant to be a temporary basis.

I pulled every little cat hair covered item out of the basket and let Och do with it what she would.

Apparently, she is pleased.

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