Thursday, September 8, 2011

left: Fig + Italian Chicken Sausage + Bleu Cheese
right: goat cheese and butternut squash

top left: Italian Chicken Sausage + Mushrooms + pesto
right: mushrooms + onions + kalamata olives + pesto
bottom left: Fig + Italian Chicken Sausage + Bleu Cheese

left half: Fig + Italian Chicken Sausage + Bleu Cheese
right half: Cherries + Italian Chicken Sausage + Goat Cheese

We had "gourmet" pizzas for dinner the other night. I prepped the ingredients in advance and bought a bunch of ready made crusts from Iggy's our favorite local bakery (Aside: their croissants are really quite good. I was pleased to find that they are comparable to croissants I had in France). Once I had a buffet of toppings to choose from, it was fun to mix and match and come up with some tasty combinations.

The Fig + Italian Chicken Sausage + Bleu Cheese quickly became a favorite for me and m, hence the repeated iterations. When I had one last pizza crust left to work with he requested that I make the fig and sausage one again. I didn't have enough toppings to make a whole pizza so I improvised and came up with the cherries and goat cheese version. Happy tummies all around.

Some notes for future pizzas:
I might make the pesto pizza with a thin smear of tomato sauce as the base, add the toppings, bake AND THEN drizzle some pesto over the finished pie. Baking the pesto really takes away from the flavor as it's a sauce best served uncooked.

The butternut squash + goat cheese pizza was lacking something. In the future I might roast the squash or sautee it with some savories like garlic or onion. Also would have been nice to add a few sprigs of fresh thyme before baking.

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