Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm not supposed to talk about this as it upsets m, but wow! It's already that "back to school" time of year, isn't it? Not that anyone in my house is going back to school this week (or this fall for that matter). But m just gets sad thinking about the end of summer. We shouldn't be so greedy. We've had a lovely lovely summer. I've enjoyed so much our little trips like the one to Portland, ME and the smaller day trips  to explore different parts of New England.

The above is a photo from a day spent at Arlington Reservoir Beach. The Boston Globe named it one of the best swimming holes in Massachusetts. It's basically an outdoor pool meets a lake as the water was chlorinated and there were flocks of geese and ducks swimming the perimeter - probably wondering who the heck these annoying humans were taking over their home.

One of the best things about the reservoir is that it's a 15 minute drive away from where we live. If we want to get to a nice beach we have to commit to an hour drive either north or due south. I like the reservoir but it could have been a bit cleaner (lots of feathers) - couldn't one of those life guards have put a skimmer to the water? And since it's a reservoir the water is calm and so leftie could sit comfortably in the shallow end and sort rocks (her favorite beach activity these days) without getting pounded by a beach tide.

We've also been to Crane Beach up in Ipswich and Nahant Beach (just south of Ipswich). I foolishly forgot to pull out my camera the two times that we were at Crane Beach which is too bad because it's so pretty there and probably my favorite beach we've been to in New England. Nahant Beach was also nice - I'll save my review of it for another post.

Thank you New England for providing us with such a pleasant and enjoyable summer. It's not over yet. I keep hearing how the best beach days are in August and even all the way through September. Here's to a few more days of sandy toes and sun-kissed shoulders.

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