Friday, September 9, 2011

(miette sweater: front)

(miette sweater: back, with button detail)

I was lucky enough to get a commission to knit up a special sweater for a special gal whom I've been following online. The commission was a copy of the sweater worn by a character in one of my favorite films. And so the Miette Sweater came to be.

It was a fun challenge trying to copy a sweater from screen shots of a film. The majority of it was easy (lots of stockinette stitch knit up in the round). The tricky part came when I had to copy the neckline which I thought had a pretty edging where the collar meets the body of the sweater. After a few false tries, I had to abandon the standard procedure for knitting up collars and knit the collar separately and sew it into place. I'm pleased with the results. And pleased to report that the recipient was pleased with the sweater.

Knitterly details here.

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