Monday, December 17, 2007

cookie factory 2007

When I wasn't supporting indie artists or galavanting off to see shows at up and coming theatres, I spent a lot of time baking. I had holiday thank you gifts to give out to my staff.

God I love these bowls.

My kitchen table is so crowded and my house such a mess, the fruit bowl had to hang out on the floor for a bit.

The Och is surprised at the change. (doesn't my floor and my whole kitchen in fact look amazing? I assure you it's all in the photography. My kitchen isn't that sparkling white, but I am enjoying pretending that it is.)

The chicken that ruled this roost. Okay, I have to confess. I planned this photo just so I could say that. Now that it's all typed up instead of swirling around in my head, it's not even that funny. Or really all that clever. I'm such a dork. But isn't my baking chicken cute? Let's focus on that.

Rolling out these snickerdoodles was fun. Eating them fresh out of the oven was even better.

Packaging. I've discovered that I really enjoy looking at things lined up in a grid-like fashion. So satisfying. Especially if they also incorporate pretty packaging. I think that's why I enjoy browsing at Whole Foods so much. And fabric stores too.

Four different types of cookies. Cause I'm aggro like that. And a dozen in each packages. Cause more is more.

The cutest baking assistant. She just watched. I uphold a strict "no paws" policy with my cooking.

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